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Extravagant, sophisticated and gorgeous hand-knotted Persian rugs have been works of art enjoyed by royalty for
centuries, they have been the focal point of palaces, castles and mansions the world over. These rugs have sent a subtle
message for decades in America, indicating the owners of these fine pieces are purveyors of good taste and high
standards. One silk and wool Persian rug can often cost nearly as much as a "starter" home in the United States might.
Other, more "affordable" Persian rugs are available in retail stores in the US for $4,000-$50,000.

Because we at Persian home decor have the connections, distribution channels and generations of knowledge of fine
Persian Rugs, without the expense of a retail store, we make these works of art available to our customers at a fraction of
the cost they have come to expect.

With our intimate knowledge of the art of rug making, we select and import all of our rugs directly from weavers in Iran.

Our clients appreciate the depth of personal service, knowledge and education we provide to them as they select an
heirloom for their homes and businesses that may be passed down to future generations.

Although we are pleased to sell our fine rugs to designers, antique shops and retailers, we also make Persian rugs
available direct to the consumer for prices up to 8 times less than you would expect to pay for similar rugs (all of ours are
one-of-a-kind). A $10,000 rug in a retail store would cost closer to $1,000 through us because of our ability to buy rugs for
a good price and our commitment to have Persian rugs available and enjoyed by more Americans at affordable prices.

As an added service, we will be glad to deliver the rug to your home and help you to place it  (local
addresses). Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Our team will work with you so that you are completely satisfied with the rug that we
deliver and place in your home before we leave.. We will even give you a
certificate of appraisal so that you can register it with your homeowner insurance company just in case you need to
retrieve its true value in the future.

And, if you live outside the Nashville area, We will be glad to ship the rug to your home via UPS
Ground. If you get the rug and for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, all you will need to do is to ship it back in 7 days
for a full refund. No questions asked. All we ask is that you pay for the shipping charges. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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